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Keeping it Simple

No waiting for an appointment here! Rylli is all about instant gratification. Get what you need right when you need it. The app designed to instantly connect business owners, freelancers and customers, all with the touch of a button.

Introducing Rylli Bucks

Rylli Bucks is a rewards system where you, the customer, can earn credits when service providers you’ve referred are making transactions. Any Rylli Bucks you earn by referring service providers to download the app, can be used to pay for services available on Rylli.

Download the Rylli App

How it Works

Service Providers

It’s simple. Sign up and create a profile that advertises your service to start accepting appointments. See requests in real-time to help you fill a room or fill your schedule. Then, simply book and charge customers with instant cashless transactions.


Did we mention the simplicity? Download Rylli and book services instantly based on availability. Search for what you’re looking for: brick and mortar businesses, freelancers, consultants… the sky’s the limit!  See if they’re available right then and there before booking in real-time.  Then pay directly with the app—no cash required. Sign up for free to start simplifying.


Putting You in Their Back Pocket

  • 24/7 increased visibility for service providers
  • Fill empty seats and empty schedules on slow days
  • Reach new customers
  • Analytics on what people want, where they want it, and when they want it

Real-time Location Based Services on the Go

  • Instant satisfaction
  • See who can assist you right now
  • Visit new places
  • No more waiting in lines
  • Find an available service no matter where you are

About Us

About Wazzio

“The simplest answer is most often the best answer.” Life’s complicated and we’re on a mission to simplify it.  At Wazzio, we’re strong believers that most things can be simplified to create happier, healthier and more beneficial interactions for us all.

More About Us


Customers and Service Providers are free to sign up.