Transaction-related fees

Rylli Surcharge Fee – Customer Account holders agree to pay a $1.50 fee for each completed appointment made on our Service.

Rylli Platform fee – A platform fee (10% of the total service cost) is deducted per transaction. This means that the Service Provider should mark up the pricing accordingly to cover the platform fee. This also means that we cover all the credit card or transaction transfer costs.

Payouts to Service Providers

We process payouts on Sundays. Each week, our system tallies up the transactions completed by each Service Provider from the previous Monday through Sunday (cut off is Sunday 5:00 p.m. Eastern), deducts the Rylli Platform and the Rylli Surcharge fees, and issues a payout to the bank account on file. Payouts are issued weekly and will usually reach your bank by the upcoming Monday, keeping in mind processing times may vary with each individual bank.

The payout includes the sales tax that’s assessed on behalf of the Service Provider and is passed on untouched. This sales tax is reflected in the invoices sent to the Customers, and it’s the responsibility of the Service Provider to report all sales taxes collected come tax filing season.

Revised as of October 16, 2018